This page lists frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to Prakati India Green Directory for Eco-Friendly Business.

Is there any fees for listing as Prakati India Directory ?

Currently, there is no fees for listing your green startup, company, store or initiative at Prakati India directory.

What kind of Store or Organisation can list on Prakati India Directory ?

Stores, Organisation & Initiatives that bring about improvement in sustainability, promote sustainable living, Organic products & need based living can list on the directory.
You can find detailed business categories here.

Which is the Best Online Directory for listing Eco-Friendly Business ?

We believe, Prakati India Green Directory is the best option for listing your eco-friendly business online as the directory is exclusive only for green, eco-friendly businesses. Further, listing on the directory is free of cost and also it provides google search optimised information in publicly accessible format.

What are the benefits of registering my initiative on Prakati ? Why should I Register my initiative on Prakati’s Green Direcory ?

1. All the information that you provide – website, contact number, email address, social media handles, product images, details about your organisation – are transparently available. Consequently, you may get interesting B2B & B2C leads directly.
2. At Prakati.in, we also directly receive a number of B2B/Bulk queries related to eco-friendly products. We fulfil these queries with the help of business partners registered on our portal. Consequently, registering on directory may result in curated b2b deals, just ideal for your products/services portfolio.

How much time does it take to create a directory listing on Prakati ?

Ideally, the directory listing takes less than 5 minutes.

How can I add my business to the online directory.

First Step: You will have to Register on Prakati – through email ID or Google ID. After, registration you will reach dashboard, where you can create your listing (By clicking on Submit Listing Button).
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FAQ on Eco-friendly Business Directory