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AgriApp is a Bengaluru-based Agritech startup working on an online platform. It is a ‘full-service Agri Startups solution’ which ensures the end-to-end service. AgriApp provides service across India in 18 Languages.

AgriApp is transforming India's agricultural landscape with its innovative agri-tech solutions, catering to over 100,000 farmers. As a one-stop solution for all farmer problems, it helps farmers from sowing to harvesting to selling, integrating advanced technologies like drone tech and fintech services.

What truly sets AgriApp apart is its holistic and earthly approach to farming. AgriApp's influence extends throughout the entire farming cycle that a farmer going through, offering support from pre-sowing to post-harvest. Farmers are guided in selecting the best crop varieties and farming practices through AgriApp's dedicated crop advisory team. AgriApp’s crop-advisory team support is just a call away for all the farming solutions, and that too in ten regional languages of India.

The support continues with services like soil testing, available directly through the Android application, so farmers can get the best from their soil and seeds. Another highlight is its personalised push notifications, which are offered every week informing the farming practices related to each registered crop, it’s a digital alarm guiding farmers through every step till they harvest. AgriApp’s support to farmers doesn't stop there; it extends its helping hand in terms of financial support through AgriFi, and satellite imagery services for large acres of farming land management, addressing pest and irrigation issues with smart farming

The journey of a crop from a seed to an edible product is further facilitated by AgriApp, offering farmers a platform to purchase necessary fertilizers and pesticides at discounted prices, and an output linkage service to sell their Agri outputs. This comprehensive support system makes AgriApp's role more than just a smart farming App; it's a partner in every farmer's journey towards economic prosperity.


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AgriApp Technologies Pvt. Ltd., University of Agricultural Sciences, Vignana Kendra, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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