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Green is the new Luxury

upcycleluxe.com is India’s first e-commerce sustainable fashion tech marketplace that showcases environmental impact of sustainable products and is redefining the views on fashion by calling ‘Green is the new Luxury’.

It spotlights authentic, certified, responsibly run brands from India and measures the impact through carbon emission, water being saved, etc. creating a value-driven mindset and supply chain. Upcycleluxe focuses on responsible consumption and has curated home-grown designers from India to offer customers a mindful shopping experience of all products made consciously.

Upcycleluxe got selected with The Do school, Berlin on behalf of UN Women's industry disruptor, WeEmpowerAsia Program with Catia Dawood and Katherine Kirschenmann and been chosen by FashionUnited as one of a kind fashion market places for sustainable fashion and lifestyle shaping the post-pandemic world.

Upcycleluxe is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that collaborates with only the best sustainable clothing and lifestyle product brands to conduct a fact-based analysis that determines the true cost of each item for a global audience. Their assessment consists of quantitative and qualitative questions, each of which is linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and classified in terms of carbon emissions, water saved, energy conserved and chemicals avoided.

They delve deep into each brand's entire supply chain to assess each product's life cycle footprint, from raw material production to management and recyclability, so you can #knowyourimpact. They combine this with an enriching and educational shopping experience, allowing you to shop for the things that matter to you.

Whether it's handcrafted, upcycled, or simply made from organic materials, there's something for everyone. Upcycleluxe has put together a diverse collection to shop from, based on the preferences of today's elusive green consumers.

With our platform and tech, we aim to cater to businesses and consumers to help them switch to greener choices and let #knowyourimpact a worldwide jargon. We continue working hard and bring the best to the industry standards with this vision.


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