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Slow Fashion E-Com

R A JE's mission is to create a sustainable way of shopping, using new technologies and software in the fashion Industry. We focus on Custom made dresses, Bespoke, Zero-Waste, Ethic, Bridal Wear, Western Wear, Boutique Fashion, Tailoring, Soft-Tailoring, Made to order, and Gender-less designs.

The business also focuses on enhancing local businesses of India, their art & craft, and detailed work and would work on bringing it on a global platform. We have worked around the local indigenous people and embraced them. Every member of the supply chain holds equal importance as the other and lives up to the company values of a profound and collaborative circular economy. All the company’s achievements and execution would be with greater transparency, and it would aim to be inclusive to all.

Some of the initial key Objectives of the company are as follows:-

  • E-Commerce- The foremost platform that would be used to circulate the business initially using major manufacturing units and local artisans
  • Sustainable- The aim is to use all sustainable ways of working, including all sustainable products and initiatives. There is no ‘Green Washing’ involved in making the customers buy more products, but we take initiatives on how to make ways with the existing one. For example, there are Lehengas made from the discarded fabric chunks of other garments. Aligning fabrics together to give them a new life.
  • Zero-Waste- A major chunk of our business would be based on Zero-Waste products as an initiative to cut down waste. We believe to cut down waste at the optimum level so it should not be left to the customers to be ethical or not.
  • Rental- The business would offer a great range of our products for rental purposes for customers acquiring garments for one-off events.
  • Ethnic- The company includes ethnic wear from all around India to encourage the rich cultural side of India, inclusive of gender and age preference.
  • Genderless Designs - The company is inclusive of all genders and would not be biased in its design processes.

The Brand ‘R A JE’ has been named after the founder Priyal Raje who did her studies in the UK and worked under both rising and established designers there. Her expertise lies in Zero-waste and Soft-Tailoring ways of fashion. Her expertise in working around the fabrics, the prints, and designs is what gives it an ‘R A JE’ factor!


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Roshpa Tower, Mahatma Gandhi Main Road, Kanka, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
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