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Kagzi Bottles Kagzi Bottles

Kagzi Bottles

Sustainable Packaging like no other

Kagzi Bottles is  first-of-its-kind manufacturer of 100% compostable paper bottles can be used to package toiletries, beverages, liquids and powders. The startup based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has developed patented packaging technology to replace single-use plastic.

Kagzi Bottles is redefining packaging through the innovative use of natural materials. Our goal is to provide a compostable product with sustainable solutions. These paper bottles are meant for shampoos, conditioners, hand-washes etc and are made from paper waste. A plant-based material is used to make the bottles hydrophobic. This hydrophobic material creates a membrane over paper and makes it hydrophobic. This means that the bottle is durable and there will be no leakages.


About the Product: Kagzi Paper Bottle


kagzi paper bottle


  1. Paper Seal - A Paper Seal to hold the cork. This prevents spilling and ensures safety of the product from getting contaminated.
  2. Cork Seal - In order to make it 100% eco-friendly, a wooden cork is specially designed to cap the bottle.
  3. Neck - In order to hold the shape of the bottle, the neck plays a very important role. Its sturdy shape forms the basis of the entire bottle. The pasting of 2 sides is also critical at the neck.
  4. Joining of the Bottle: The most important part of the bottle is the pasting of the two halves. Using state of the art technology and specially designed machines, pasting is done with a lot of precision to ensure there is no leakage.
  5. Water proofing: Using a proprietary waterproofing solution, we coat the inners layers to create a barrier that allows oxygen transmission. This layer is 100% Compostable and will disintegrate into the soil in just a few months.
  6. Outer Layer: Waste paper pulp creates the outer layer of the bottle. The thickness is just right to make the bottle sturdy but not too bulky. The fibres in the waste paper enable it to become long lasting. The shelf-life of our bottle is therefore 6 months.


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Sector 15A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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