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Container Bamboo

leading supplier for bamboo stick

Container bamboo is a company that bridge Indonesia manufacturer to reach international market. One of the commodities owned by Indonesia is bamboo, Indonesia ranks third in terms of bamboo producing countries in the world.

Bamboo is a raw material that can be processed into various products, such as stick, skewers, toothpick, chop sticks, bamboo straw, spoon, fork, charcoal, round bamboo wall art, toothbrush, window shades/ roof shades, flooring/ parquet, furniture, garden gate, musical instrument, paper, and others.

We are located in Malang city, East Java, Indonesia. In Malang city, there are many industrial centers for processed bamboo products. we cooporate with several industrial centers in Malang city and surroundings for this export project, but currently we focus on bamboo stick, bamboo skewers, bamboo slats/ bamboo flat, and bamboo strip/ bamboo split.

Container Bamboo would like to offer our Bamboo products. We have our own manufacture partners which is the biggest in industry of bamboo product here ini East Java, Indonesia.

We mainly produce bamboo skewers as our main product, but we can also provide  raw bamboo material such a bamboo sticks or bamboo pole, etc and we partnered with 4 big factories.


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