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Founded in 2006, dailydump is engaged in changing the mindsets about “waste”, about marginal livelihoods, about whose job it is to take care of “waste”, about how we can harm less, etc.  The company is a leader in composting products that are designed to change mindsets around waste and the ease of doing composting in India.

Dailydump is a design-led company where we use design principles and systems thinking to help imagine alternative scenarios that can help change behaviour around “waste”, marginal livelihoods, whose job it is to take care of “waste”, and how we can do less harm.

As a service, dailydump helps you manage your household waste and convert it to useful high-quality compost. It supports you with flexible service plans to achieve your goal of becoming a green citizen.

We’re involved in developing a range of composting solutions, and already have a number of simple home Composters that you can The Daily Dump products are designed to ensure that you compost at home, conveniently and hygienically.

Our objective is to reduce waste, improve material recovery, enable better livelihoods and to do this through the voluntary collective action of urban citizens.

As of October 2020,

  • Our products are used by over 70,000 families, keeping out more than 50,000 kgs of organic waste from landfills EVERY DAY, at no cost to the Government!
  • We have put more than 112 tonnes of compost back to peri-urban farmlands. In doing so, our work supports a circular economy where the living system of soil is regenerated and the soil is used to mitigate climate change, by design. 1,752,000 kgs CO2e saved per year from not sending kitchen waste to landfill.
  • 56 tonnes of CO2e has ben sequestered in soil by applying compost.
  • We have worked with and trained over 20 Potter Communities across India.
  • We have shared Terracotta Designs with 10 entrepreneurs and over 20 individuals all over the world to date.
  • We offer some of our products and communication materials are available for anyone to download from our website for FREE.


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Daily Dump, 12th A Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038, India
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