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Ecovia Ecovia
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Ecovia is India’s first returnable packaging solution for D2C, e-commerce and hyperlocal shipments.

Once the delivery from a partner brand reaches the customer, they can simply scan the QR code printed on the packaging to schedule the Ecovia package return. The two click return process is designed to provide frustration and guilt-free, zero-waste unboxing experience to the customers. Additionally, as soon as the return is picked up, customers get a reward coupon for their conscious step towards sustainability.

Every package is manufactured by recycling plastic bottles. In its lifespan every package saves around 122 grams of CO2 emissions. This is a big deal, as according to estimates, 2.7m metric ton E-commerce packaging waste is generated in India annually.

Since we went live in October (the company has been in existence since October 2020), we have served thousands of customers across India based on our tie-ups with more than 20 brands. Some of the key brands we have partnered with include Wow Skin Sciences, Bare Necessities, No Nasties, Flawsome, Aristobrat among others.

In the next few weeks we are going live with multiple well known brands like Purplle, Gourmet Garden, Blinkit and Zepto. We have also raised our seed round funding from multiple investors. The announcement in this regard would be made soon.

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