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Alkaline Water Purifier

KALKI ECOSPHERE LLP, is a Startup India, DIPP recognized company which is now known for its extraordinary patented product for packaged water bottles to reduce pollution of single use plastic.

We are working towards providing innovative solutions to get clean, safe and optimum quality of water on the go. For that we have created many products like purifier bottles, versatile truly portable water purifier etc.

We have started manufacturing  of unique and patented alkaline water purifier in stainless  steel 304 grade thermally insulated container and it is completely non-electric and truly portable with several other benefits of copper magnet pyramid etc. We can call it versatile water purifier as it can function any where, and provides clean water any time without dependency on electricity, online water supply or pressure.


Kalki Ecosphere Products:


Solcure Water Purifier

Solcure Water Purifier is India’s first patented water purification system which is truly portable and comes with a comfortable storage capacity. It is totally eco-friendly with no power consumption and all these features make it economically viable. Solcure Water Purifier is mobile and serves the best need of drinking water anytime, anywhere, efficiently to the human-kind in true sense.

Solpure Water Purifier

Solpure Water Purifier is a India's first patented water purification system which is housed in an earthen pot itself. As it is made up of clay it has an added advantage of natural cooling. Solpure has powerful health benefits which naturally transforms the dead water in to alkaline water. Clay is naturally alkaline in nature. When water is stored in it, it takes on the properties of clay and becomes alkaline.

Mini-Water Softner

Unique Combination of KDF, Siliphose, Cation Resins and High I.V Activated Carbon. Helps remove / absorb water soluble Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Chromium, Arsenic & Desolved iron contamination. Helps remove / absorb Chlorine, Hydrogen sulphide and microorganisms from water. Reduce T.D.S in water and makes water soft. Suitable while filling non-electric water purifier as pre-filter & washbasin for hand / face wash. Direct plug in water taps hence no need of plumbing.

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