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Eco Friendly Products

Pareevartan means ‘change’.  At Pareevartan, we have always thought that in order to bring a large impact, one needs to focus on small changes at a time, maybe just one! We believe that bringing a change in one’s own lifestyle isn’t easy, but we are here to keep you motivated.

We are working in eco friendly space, where we would like to introduce products which are not made up of plastic, and they don't hurt our environment while production. All of the products are made up from raw materials coming from planet earth and with time they will go back to mother earth.

Pareevartan is founded with a wide spectrum of philosophies and motivation for a positive ‘Pareevartan’ to help bring betterment in our lifestyles with lower the carbon foot prints and encourage a sustainable lifestyle. We envision that the like-minded people shall adopt for this change with us and contribute in this Plastic -free journey that we envisage.

Pareevartan has been founded by Archit & is based out of  New Delhi. The organisation is also pushing itself to provide free delivery PAN INDIA so that the consumers can buy these products with less burden. We believe that these products should not be a luxury and therefore, we are trying our best to offer our eco-friendly products at an affordable price and FREE DELIVERY all over India. We think that it is not too much to ask for.

We are helping consumers find eco friendly products which are not made up of plastic and are bio degradable. These products after usage when thrown doesn't impact our environment.


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