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Paravata Foods
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Parvata Foods

Parvata Foods is a socio-commercial enterprise started by two graduates of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). It builds value chain in fruits, vegetables and spices from Sikkim and other backward states in North East (NE) and Eastern India, thus elevating the living standard of farmers in difficult/hilly areas by integrating them with main value chain.

We undertake processing to add value to the products at source so that maximum returns can be provided to farmers and local employment can be generated. Presently we are operating in Sikkim, a complete Organic State in NE. We run an organic spice processing plant where we process ginger, turmeric, large cardamom and buckwheat. We also deal in other products from North East through channel partners.

Parvata Foods products include organic spices like ginger and turmeric flakes and powder. Their immediate pipeline includes exotic fruit squashes like passion, pineapple and orange squashes, pepper, chilli powder, ginger paste and bamboo shoot.

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Parvata Foods Private Limited, Andul Road, Podara, Andul, Howrah, West Bengal, India
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