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100% Biodegradable and Compostable packaging

Sprucegel was constituted by three visionary entrepreneurs wherein the main motto is to manufacture, supply and promote green, eco-friendly and sustainable plastic alternatives to packaging applications. Given that growing environmental pollution and ecological changes primarily caused by single-use-plastics (SUPs), Sprucegel was initiated during the year 2019 with an aim of introducing environmentally safe, 100% compostable and biodegradable products for eco-conscious consumers.

Currently Sprucegel manufactures range of packaging products including carry bags, grocery bags, kitchen waste bags, pouches, mailer bags and garbage/refuse bags. Our products are derived from 0% plastics, food-grade made from corn-starch derived bioplastics materials being tested at CIPET for biodegradation and compostability and thus certified as compostable by CPCB (IS/ISO 17088).

We strongly believe that sustainable lifestyle is the way-to-go in the coming years. Our goal is to become one of the key players who could contribute, promote and disseminate information regarding sustainable living by supplying products derived from environmentally safe materials having low-carbon footprint as well as well-defined end-of-cycle assessment.

We help corporates, businesses, retailers, and startups etc to switch to sustainable packaging derived from plant-based renewable sources and hence reducing the dependence on non-renewable, fossil-based packaging products.

We offer compostable bags that are custom designed, logo printed and product promotional bags for enhancing the sustainability factor of your business. Please give a call or drop us an email, we are more than happy answer any questions related to your packaging need and will get back at the earliest thaw we could.


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