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The Bamboowala

Unfold the Green Gold

SS Bamboowala Private Limited came into existence on 6th February 2019 with a Vision of creating Environment Sustainability and Employment Generation for Bamboo Artisans. The alarming environmental damages and the need for more sustainable business solutions led to the inception of The Bamboowala to produce eco-friendly products through efficient and effective utilization of available resources.

A deeper study of the Changing Trends in the Consumer Demands and the need of hour reflected the urging need for Eco-friendly Products. With many options available, The Bamboowala chose BAMBOO to meet its goal and contribute towards a better India.

The Bamboowala has its registered office in Tripura, A North-Eastern State with mesmerizing undulating hills and lush green bamboo forests. Bamboo being available in abundance and with profusion uses, came as the best option over any other timber and wood. The locals are proficient in using bamboo and are well-versed with its features, giving us an advantage in product development and locality development through generating employment. Thus, helping us to meet one of the goals.

The Company aims:

  • Promoting a Sustainable Eco-Friendly Lifestyle by providing masses with alternatives to environment harming plastics.
  • Generating Employment for Bamboo Artisans of Tripura and potentially India.
  • Creating Strong Market Linkage for existing Bamboo Artisans and Strong Distribution Network Bamboo Handicrafts of Tripura and Potentially India.
  • Empowering Women in terms of Finance & Skill across Tripura, potentially India, by using Bamboo as a Tool.


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SS Bamboowala Private Limited, Ram Nagar, Agartala, Tripura, India
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