Uneako – Sharing Sustainable Happiness

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Uneako – Sharing Sustainable Happiness

Sharing Sustainable Happiness

Uneako is an amalgamation of “unique and “eco” meaning that we provide eco-friendly and sustainable products in never seen before avatar. Our motto is “sharing sustainable happiness” and we strive to curb the environmental threats of climate change and plastic pollution by introducing an exclusive innovative range of climate positive product solutions, which are made using various organic, natural, industrial waste and biodegradable materials.

The organization was founded by two young brothers, and it currently employs a large number of young people from throughout the country who are working to raise environmental consciousness. By creating and supporting an exclusive and creative variety of eco-friendly product choices for workplaces, households, and gifting, we want to minimise the potential risks of plastic pollution and climate change. Our goods are carbon positive, supported by green technology, and provide economic and social assistance to underprivileged people.

Uneako is a group of young people with a strong desire to make a difference and positively impact this planet. Each Uneako product has three key characteristics— quality, innovation and sustainability. The superior quality of every Uneako product ensures that people do not have to sacrifice comfort by buying green.

Uneako’s constant innovation makes sure that the Uneako family always has access to improved and diverse range of products. And all its products have elements which encourage the user to take easy but conscious steps to lead a more earth-friendly life.

There Sustainable Products include Cair Air Purifiers, diary kit, marble printed notepads, notebook made of seed paper, plantable stationary - pens & pencils, pollution solution box to make planting at home stress-free, bamboo toothbrushes., bamboo speakers, jute handbags, coasters, bamboo glasses, spline folders, jute - cotton pouch, bamboo diya box, bhoosa Sheets, eco trophies, eco thank you cards.


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