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Equiivalence is a Sustainable Jewellery & Fashion brand born out of a vision that Slow fashion can also be affordable High fashion.
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A Vanguard of Modern Luxury

Equiivalence is a Sustainable Jewellery & Fashion brand born out of a vision that Slow fashion can also be affordable High fashion. We dare to imagine a world where Sustainable consumption is the only consumption.  A harmonious blend of simplicity and statement, reflecting charm and confidence to elevate your style from dawn to dusk.

Equiivalence is cultural conduit between art and luxury, at Equiivalence each piece is a testament to the artistry found in nature's subtle whispers. Our versatile pieces are crafted with a unique lens, embracing organic shapes, handcrafted silhouettes, and luxurious ensembles. Beyond being accessories, the jewels are sculpted to enhance the inner beauty in its truest form

Sustainability at its Core:

What sets Equiivalence apart is their commitment to consciousness beyond just materials. Nature is at the heart of the brand and their muse for all collections creating a symbiotic relationship between art and nature. The pieces are mindfully designed by offering long lasting rich quality products, ethical craftsmanship and timeless style that defy the fleeing trends of the industry.

The brand takes pride in supporting hard-working artisans who dedicate hours to perfecting each piece of jewellery, along with conscious handmade packaging and recycling of materials. At the heart of Equiivalence is the philosophy that every being is equal.

The brand firmly believes that art transcends boundaries, seeing no race, religion, form, or color. Their logo embodies the equality they stand for within nature and humanity. Equiivalence is a conscious unisex brand, offering chunky chains, stackable rings, pearl jewellery, and minimalistic earrings to suit diverse tastes.

Picture jewellery as a canvas, with each stroke telling a story inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Equiivalence captures this essence through designs that reflect the poetry found in organic shapes. From the graceful curves reminiscent of leaves to the bold angles echoing mountain peaks, their jewellery is an exploration of nature's artistry.

Equiivalence offers more than just beautiful pieces; they are versatile and luxurious designed to radiate uniqueness and elegance. The creations seamlessly transition from everyday wear to statement ensembles for special moments, ensuring that each piece becomes a reflection of your distinctive style.

The cornerstone of Equiivalence's philosophy lies in the commitment to slow fashion. In a world dominated by fast-paced trends, they embrace a deliberate and thoughtful approach to the creation of the jewellery pieces. Each design is carefully designed, carrying the essence of consciousness and enduring style.

This dedication to slow fashion not only ensures the longevity of the pieces but also reflects the conscientious commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

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