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The title spirit of Kutch

Kiaayo is a lifestyle brand, originated from Kutch, and given purpose by exemplary artisans with exceptional skills from the native land. In every collection that is launched, an exquisite amalgamation of traditional handicraft techniques infused with ultra-modern styles can be seen.

Kiaayo has recently debuted its new collection ADIRA at the Bombay Times Fashion Week. Each piece from the collection is handmade, embracing conscious fashion, while also supporting over 1000 artisans and their families. These exquisite outfits promise to make every person shine, offering not just style but also the opportunity to give back to society, as every purchase from Kiaayo contributes to the livelihood of Kutch workers.

With a commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, Kiaayo ensures that every product provides employment and sustenance to skilled artisans. Their motto, "ki-aayo' kaise ho' (how are you doing), encapsulates their ethos of creating clothes by the people, for the people.

The Adira collection consists of a versatile range including coats, co-ords, sarees, accessories, and resort wear, catering to every fashion need without constraints. This ethos is the essence of Kiaayo, a label that stands apart in the fashion landscape, garnering Indian acclaim and a cult following among discerning customers.

From Kala Cotton to Mashru Weaving, Kiaayo products showcase a rich tapestry of Indian weavings and embroidery, celebrating centuries of tradition and rural life. Every Kiaayo product undergoes weeks of dedicated work and craftsmanship, embodying the magic, love, and beauty of Indian arts.


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