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Terrace Garden, Balcony Garden, Vertical Garden, Urban Gardening, Urban Farming

RITEWAYS is a Specialist Solid Waste Management Company for Indian Businesses and Communities. We can help businesses reduce costs and their environmental impact by recycling bulk volumes of organic waste. RITEWAYS provides environment-friendly recycling services in India via its vast network of channel partners.

Urban Garden - Terrace and Balcony Garden

veggyBARREL® Urban Terrace and Balcony Gardening is a unique concept wherein you can now grow more than 100 plants in as little space as a chair. The terrace and balcony farming in Bangalore is quite exciting with many people practicing organic farming in home terraces and balconies. Urban farming in India is also growing quite rapidly.

Though it is tough to imagine how our food travels to end up on our plate, one thing we all know is that it comes from a farm somewhere. It needs to remain fresh for a long time and to do so it needs chemical intervention. Whether good or bad we don't know but definitely, there is a guilt of something going wrong with our food.

Glocal (Think local act global) is a sustainability concept that gives rise to urban farming- a new way of looking at our food supply. The Rooftops, Balconies, and any unused concrete surface can now be considered to grow food using the veggyBARREL® vertical farming project.


TALL BOY -Best Compost Bins

That you can, Fill It - Shut It - Forget It

TALLBOY Compost Bins from RITEWAYS have built-in curing and are hassle-free devices that need no manual intervention.

TALLBOY Best Compost Bins, easier than a dustbin.

Buy Compost Bin Online at best price from Riteways, converts all kinds of bio-degradable waste.

Why are compost bins so complicated, have you ever thought about it? Remove the semi finished compost, cure it outside, foul odour, insects, pests, etc. are common challenges using these bins.

But, not anymore!


Decentralized Sewage Treatment Plant

Our decentralized wastewater treatment plant Built With Sun and Soil.

rejuWATER Wastewater treatment plant is an ecosystem where someone’s waste becomes another’s food. Human waste in water gets bio converted through micro life cultured in growRITE STP soil to recycle wastewater.

Features and resulting benefit from rejuWATER sewage treatment systems

  • There are no moving parts
  • No retention in modules
  • Photosynthesis
  • Modular design
  • Operation is simple
  • 3KLD per module


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Lakshmipura Main Road, Abbigere, Bangalore, Karnataka 560090, India
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