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MimamsAa MimamsAa

MimamsAa by Ankita Singh

Mimamsaa is a homegrown brand that centres each collection on creativity, innovation, and the earnestness of art. They specialize in handwoven materials, a craft that has seen numerous centuries, yet stays immortal in its pertinence. Mimamsaa values experimenting and making their own hybrid texture, a blend of tissue silk and contemporary prints.

In reevaluating age-old traditions of winding to meet the present metropolitan language we explore the intimate connections between culture and modernity  that characterize the style of the cutting edge Indian lady. Their devotion to this objective is however carefully practical as it aesthetic: empowering the work of our artisans is a critical need in a period where these customs are blurring into history. To do justice to the intricate processes, They work with entire households of weaving families—not just individuals—who've drilled this art for ages.

About the Designer 

Ankita Singh was a young student at NIFT Gandhinagar, she set out on an expedition around the country, to explore the rich heritage of Indian textiles. From Benaras to Kanchipuram, she found herself in the midst of a plethora of historical traditions, and she’s never looked back since. She took this love to the classroom too, her love grew with every little project she took up.

In 2016, as a young graduate, she realised she wanted to take this love to a bigger stage. To realise her aesthetic vision of marrying the rich world of handloom textiles and the modern world, she knew she had to begin something on her own: a daring, uncompromising journey. Thus, Mimamsaa was born.

About the collections:

"Ray": Change is the one constant in this ever-changing, ever-growing world. To find solace amid adversity. To step out of your own skin and marvel at the beauty of the wounds that allow light to pass through. Ray, their most recent collection, is a representation of this change.. A collection that will remind you of who you are and who you can be if you are only willing to find the beauty in change.

"Rajnigandha": Capturing the essence of each and every emotion dancing to the tune of escapism where words are exchanged with just simple gestures, 'Rajnigandha' their capsule collection flirts with the idea of undiluted romance immersed in the yesteryears. Fabric vanguard takes a forefront with velvets, tanchoi,tissue and organza stemming a dialect of collaboration in this collection.

"Chokher Bali": The oeuvre of the prolific RabindranathTagore covers the vast expanse of the human condition. His pen defends the complexities of what it is to be a woman in a society that cages her. He writes of the empowered woman and the impoverished, the virtuous and the vicious, hewrites of women in all her hues.This is where we seek the inspiration of Mimamsaa's next collection Chokher Bali our reinterpretation of Tagore's literary musings on women.

"Zubeidaa": Shyam Benegal's iconic film "Zubeidaa",and its portrayal of beauty and grandeur. Much like Zubeidaa herself, with a yearning to explore herself, straddling the expectations of being a woman in the midst of finding her own independence. A story familiar to so many women around me. This story became the inspiration of our new collection.

"Gulnihal": Awestruck by the intricacies of Lucknowi architecture, we bring to you "GülNihal", a romantic escapade that merges these two worlds together-the world of textiles and the world of the intricate monuments that shape this city.

The brand focuses on celebrating crafts of India with designs that impact lives. A true celebration of movement and lightness. The collection showcases ensembles handcrafted with versatility that allows the wearer to style them in myriad ways.

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