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Not Perfect Linen Not Perfect Linen
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The beauty of linen is that it is not perfect.

not PERFECT LINEN focuses on the idea of empowering the customers to lead the manufacturing process by working on pre order basis and while producing in line with demand, they are able to reduce waste and offer reasonable prices by cutting waste related loss. For them creating ethical items brings the sense of community.

Our latest collections pay high attention to exquisite qualities and materials, creating playful basics and blending progressive ideas with classic ideals.

Focussing on thoughtfully selected, locally manufactured linen to create beautiful yet simple garments with a lovely relaxed fit to suit all ages, shapes and sizes. Nothing is perfect (even linen), but the brand's creative eye is on every garment to ensure that their customers receive the very best.

not PERFECT LINEN makes sure that in this era of fast fashion, they provide it's loyal customers to be attached with them and through their ideology create a large customer base who love and adopt the not very perfect linen and their purpose to promote sustainable fashion throughout the world. Creating thoughtfully designed garments with the modern woman and her everyday life in mind.

not PERFECT LINEN is Family of creative people who are passionate about their work welcomes you to our "not PERFECT LINEN'' home. We empower our customers to lead the manufacturing process by working on a pre - order basis. For us creating ethical items brings the sense of community and it is like a quiet protest against mass produced goods.We make goods that involve years of learned skills, passion, commitment and sincerity.

We are absolutely dedicated to the thoughtful creating/making process so we try to avoid programmed machines or other non - human help and try to use as much human input in the whole process as possible in order to provide you with a truly handmade item. Timeless silhouettes are re-interpreted within the context of modern life, with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail resulting in ready-to-wear collections for women and men that are designed to last

Movement, purity, color, light... such are the hallmarks and distinctive style that not PERFECT LINEN asserts with an emphasis on structured lines.

The beauty of linen is that it is not perfect.  Derived from the fibres of the flax plant, linen makes for the ideal fabric due to its absorbent and breathable qualities, perfect for keeping skin cool in the hot and humid weather. not PERFECT LINEN is inspired by linen simplicity and imperfection and is glad to share with you something irregular and something that is not perfect.



We strongly believe that thoughtfully selected Oeko - tex certified linen fabric from our local manufacturers, simple cuts of clothes which usually suits all ages, shapes, sizes, that lovely loose fit and relaxed look of the piece is our strength and the best we can offer for our customers.

The brand promotes a conscious approach, continuously evaluating its social and environmental impact to facilitate educated and sustainable business growth Gearing all brand operations towards a more sustainable future, relationships with makers and energy-efficient production models are supported by mandates of inclusivity, diversity and transparency, reflecting care confidently back into each of the brand's designs.

The brand works actively to effect change and uphold its core values, working with people, planet and partners to implement fair and inclusive standards, reduce environmental impact and give back to the community.

 "Our Lithuania based studio is home to a safe community of women, and everyone is paid a fair living wage. Our production team only makes what we need, and no more—at the end of each year our obsolete inventory usually fits in one shoebox. We believe in a long life for fashion and want our customers to buy what they love in the hopes they will cherish each design for many years." - Simona & Vidas, Owner and Marketer, not PERFECT LINEN


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