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Sanah Sharma

Sustainable Engineered Fashion

At Sanah Sharma we practice sustainable and ethical creation for fashion-lovers of today and tomorrow. Our founder and Creative Head, Sanah Sharma started the label to bridge the gap between the sustainable and fashionable. We are a conceptual designer label focused on making aesthetic clothing that is intelligently en­gineered for better sustainability indices.

Our pret and virtual collections are also tested for human kinetics which deems them fit for walking, sitting, dancing, moving - the human experience. As a research and process oriented brand we discovered that nearly 80% of a product's environmental impact is determined at the design stage placing a lot of responsibility on the designer. With this insight, Sanah Sharma devel­oped Planar Flux - a unique cutting technique that reduces fabric consumption and is zero waste.

Every piece is designed by our founder such that they ensure maximum efficiency of raw material. All pieces are made locally at our Eco-studio to reduce environmental footprint.

The garment industry is a major polluter of the environment. Nearly 15% of textile is wasted at the cutting floor. Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles are landfilled or incinerated. The greenhouse gas emissions generated by the fashion industry is more that all international flights and maritime ships put together.

We are aware of this negative impact and are taking action to create environmental-friendly clothing. At SANAH SHARMA, we make every effort to create our garments with the least possible environmental footprint without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Sanah Sharma Brand Highlights

  • Made from GRS certified recycled fabric, this avant-garde silhouette is also zero-waste
  • The repatriation of luxury with conscious choices
  • Closed Loop Recycling
  • The brand has successfully navigated challenges when it comes to integrating recycled materials into existing apparel supply chains

At Sanah Sharma, Tradition fuses with modern aesthetics to deliver a collection of garments that pay homage to culture while staying relevant to the times.


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Sanah Sharma, Sai Nagar, Karpagam Avenue, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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600 028

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